About Margo

portrait2Who is Margo McDermed?
Family:  I first moved to Mokena in 1978 with my husband Edward and have lived here ever since. We raised our two children here, where they attended Mokena public schools, Lincoln-Way high school and played Mokena Park District soccer. I founded Mokena Educational Foundation with  other concerned parents and served as one of its first presidents. My husband and I were active in Boy Scouts and Lincoln Way Marching Knights, community theatre and Madrigals.  Now my daughter Andrea and son Steve are adults, work in their chosen professions, and are both married.  Best of all they each have a daughter so my husband and I are proud grandparents of Maya and Hazel.

Professional:  After law school I spent 30 years in a professional environment where hard work and strong leadership were essential – the law department for one of the largest corporations in the world, Amoco, later BP. One of my main jobs was to train my client groups in legal compliance with antitrust law and international law. None of the people I trained ever broke the law or went to jail! I negotiated with foreign governments for the rights to explore and produce oil in their countries. I worked with buying and selling service station sites and with the franchisees who ran the sites for Amoco. I negotiated contracts for buying and selling gasoline and other petroleum products with corporations and governments throughout the US and abroad. I managed a team of 31 other legal professionals and was responsible for a budget exceeding $50 million a year.

The most rewarding part of my job as a lawyer was taking a client’s dream and making it real, whether by writing contracts, negotiating with the other side, litigating or working the deal to make sure it complied with the law. This same model – taking a vision and making it real – is what I try to do as a member of the Illinois House for all of us who live here in the 37th District. The challenge of turning Illinois back to a state where residents can find great jobs and raise their families with good education and a promising future is now my goal.

Township Office:  As my children grew and left home I had even more time to work in the community and I was elected the Frankfort Township Board, later running for election to the office of Township Clerk. As Township Clerk I introduced early voting in the township for all our registered voters and for the voters in Green Garden Township as well. I managed to organize and move more than 125 years of township records using volunteers at no expense to taxpayers. No clerk before had ever done anything other than stuff records in boxes in the attic of the former township building.

County Board:  In 2012 I was elected to Will County Board representing Mokena and New Lenox and left the County Board in 2014 when I was elected to the Illinois General Assembly.

Personal:  For more than 3 decades I have been a member of Grace Church in New Lenox where I have served as president of the lay governing board and led outreach work. I led our team of volunteers on 2 work trips to rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and we travelled to Iowa after the floods there to gut houses as well.

Edward and I have enjoyed backpacking, canoeing, and kayaking all over the US, as well as Europe and New Zealand. We recently added scuba diving to our activities.  I’m also an avid scrapbooker and quilter, and even have some prizewinning quilts to my name.

I grew up in LaGrange, IL and graduated from DePaul University College of Law with highest honors.