What Does A State Rep Do?

In Illinois each State Representative represents a district with about 108,000 people in it.  There are 118 reps and 59 senators (each covering 2 rep districts).  We reps work on all the state’s business from education policy and funding, to prisons, to roads and bridges, to medicaid, to licensing professions, to budgets, to new state taxes, and making new state laws of all types.

State Reps go to Springfield, NOT Washington.  We do not make any foreign policy, any immigration policy, or any social security policy.  The executive of Illinois is the Governor of Illinois and not the President of the United States.  The rulemaker for the Illinois House is the Speaker of the House.  He controls our agenda and decided which bills will be called for a vote and which will not be called for a vote.  Michael J. Madigan has been Speaker of the Illinois House for all but 2 years since 1983.

Another part of the job is to provide services for constituents in the District.  Since I was elected Representative for the 37th District I have held many such events:

  • meeting with folks in my office on Route 30 near Wolf
  • walking in every 5k hosted by a charity in the District
  • hosting shredding events
  • hosting Women’s self-defense events
  • hosting senior driving events
  • hosting citizenship events
  • hosting blood drives
  • hosting seminars on property tax relief, school funding, transportation, etc.
  • hosting internet safety events
  • speaking to scout or other youth groups
  • attending Principal for a Day events
  • attending Chamber of Commerce events for 6 different Chambers of Commerce
  • attending legislative forums hosted by teachers, dentists, Chambers of Commerce, libraries, park districts and many more

Altogether I have attended and/or hosted more than 500 events since my first election.