County Board Work

My actions on the Will County Board were part of my consistent, articulated position that as an elected official, I are spending taxpayers’ money not my own and we have to be as transparent, ethical, frugal and strategic as we can be.

Walking the walk on balanced budgets: I voted against “tax to the max” levy for 2014 proposed by the democrats and against the budget based on that proposed levy.  The levy did not pass and the proposed budget for 2014 had to be cut. As a member of the Board Finance Committee I participated in the tax cutting work which was done with participation from both sides of the aisle.  Will County has a balanced budget and an excellent credit rating.

Supporting sensible progress: As a member of the Board Capital Improvements Committee I am working to upgrade the county’s courthouse and sheriff’s headquarters buildings without tax increases or borrowing.  We moved forward incrementally by:

  • buying property with cash on hand that can be used on an interim basis now and can be redeveloped later with a newer, bigger building when the County can afford it
  • improving infrastructure at existing nursing home sites to extend building life
  • starting to plan a new courthouse which in itself is a multi-year process and is affordable to the County at this time.

Standing ground: As a member of the Board Insurance and Personnel Committee I was one of the leaders in overseeing the negotiations and arbitrations with the County’s public employee unions.  The County refused to move from a position that health care contribution needed to move from % of salary to % of premium, AFSCME went out on strike and later settled for a package within the County’s original desired outcomes.

Voting against cronyism: I was the only one of the 26 Board members to vote against Executive Larry Walsh’s appointment of his son Shawn to the lucrative, six figure salary Regional Superintendent of Schools job.