I’ve been getting phone calls about SB16 so I will post my position about this bill concerning education funding in IL. This Bill is a cynical political ploy by the party currently ruling IL. It creates winner school districts and loser school districts. All the school districts in IL House District 37 are “losers.”


Link to local losses:


This means we would lose education funding from the state and those dollars would be sent elsewhere. If this bill gets to the IL House and if I am elected to be your representative, I will be a “NO” vote on it. Reform of education funding in IL is overdue but this blatant redistribution of state dollars, most to districts already failing, is not the solution. Sending more money without change in processes and accountability is an outrageous misuse of our taxpayer dollars.





Local control of our schools is so important for the quality of life in this state house district. Orland Park, Tinley Park, Homer Glen, Lockport, Mokena, Frankfort, New Lenox–wherever we live in District 37–quality education is an important factor in our neighborhoods.
Mandates from Springfield and Washington won’t improve our schools as much as local attention to the quality of our curriculum; planning the kind of future we wan t for our children; and support for the challenges our schools and teachers face from all those state and federal mandates.

The skills our students need for the world today are FLEXIBILITY, ADAPTABILITY, CREATIVITY and TECHNOLOGY (FACT).  What are your kids learning?  if they are not learning FACT, they are not being prepared to enter the competitive work force of today and tomorrow.

Money is not always a solution to what troubles education in Illinois.
We already spend more money per pupil than most states. We don’t need tax increases for our schools.  We need to reform the way schools are funded in Illinois.

I will be a strong and determined voice for our children and our schools when I am in Springfield.  I have 2 grown children who attended our local public elementary and high schools.  Both were National Merit winners who went on to the colleges of their choice and to work in the fields they chose.  So I know first hand the importance of excellent, local schools.  I want this same quality education to be there for the next generation of young people here in our towns and I will work for that every day I am in the Illinois House.