As a voter, you want a representative to the Illinois House of Representatives who puts your interests above the interests of big donors looking for special favors or folks expecting big contracts in exchange for election support. I am in this race to give back to my community now that my family is raised and I’m retired from business. Because I was able to retire from my first career, I’m not in this race to earn a living, get a pension or to pad my bank account.   So I won’t be developing compromising relationships with those who do business with the State. I’m in this to serve the community I’ve called home for 35 years.

I’m also well versed in the many regulations that govern elected officials. So you can rest assured that legal scandals of the kind that have rocked our state in the recent past won’t be an issue. As the elected Clerk for Frankfort Township and Will County Board member, I have always made my campaign contribution filings on time and accurately. You can expect the same attention to ethical and legal matters when I am a State House representative as well.