IL Farm Bureau Activator Endorses Margo McDermed

IL Farm Bureau Activator Endorses Margo McDermed


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                      AUGUST 27, 2014

CONTACT: Kevin Semlow, Secretary
Illinois Farm Bureau ACTIVATOR

The Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB) is proud to announce Margo McDermed has been endorsed by ACTIVATOR, IFB’s political involvement fund, which seeks to help elect pro-farm candidates no matter their party affiliation or office.

The local ACTIVATOR Trustees for the 37th State Representative District endorsed McDermed based on both her business background and experience in public office. The trustees believe she possesses the knowledge and skills to best serve the people of her district.

“We truly believe Margo will be an unwavering voice for Farm Bureau members within this district”, said Jeff Haas, Illinois Farm Bureau ACTIVATOR trustee. “Margo will support legislation and work to ease regulations that can help businesses, farmers, employers, and others grow and be successful in Illinois.”

The endorsement by IFB ACTIVATOR places McDermed in a group of select individuals in the state who understand the leading role Illinois agriculture plays in the global marketplace and the far-reaching benefits of its products. It proves she comprehends that agriculture’s benefits extend beyond the vital function of feeding Illinois, the nation, and the world.

“Margo McDermed understands that improving Illinois’ business climate can help farmers and businessmen create jobs and grow economic activity that will help our state deal with its fiscal issues ” added Haas.
IFB ACTIVATOR strongly supports Margo McDermed’s election bid in the 37th Representative District and looks forward to working with her during her campaign.

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