Transparency in Government

Illinois government is in turmoil right now for a host of reasons. One of the latest scandals to hit Springfield is a recent expose of sexual harassment incidents that unfortunately are more common place than people realize.

Sexual harassment training and oversight of an inspector general is long overdue. Individuals should be free to work in the arena of state government without fear of harassment and the implication of a quid pro quo based on sexual favors. It is shameful that the people writing our state’s laws would act this way.

Part of the reason individuals get away with this behavior is because they have accumulated too power simply by being a legislator for so long. I support term limits to prevent state government from being run by career politicians. Unfortunately, the people with the most to lose if term limits were enacted are the most vocal in trying stop them.

Illinois residents deserve better from their elected leaders. We need more transparency and accountability in government. I will continue to fight to make Illinois government serve Illinois residents – not the whims of career politicians and politically connected insiders.