Property Taxes:

Here is a link to my video about property taxes:

The high cost of property taxes in Illinois is an escalating problem that needs to be solved sooner rather than later.

According to the Tax Foundation, Illinois is second only to New Jersey in the cost of property taxes. No wonder a 2017 poll showed 67 percent of Illinois residents favor a permanent property tax freeze. When I talk to voters in the District, you always mention the never-ending growth of property taxes as one of your top 3 concerns.

There is no doubt property taxes are a major reason why Illinois continues to lose population. In 2016 and in 2017, Illinois lost more residents than any other state in nation.

I have been pushing for the formation of a property tax task force (House Resolution 139) to come up with a comprehensive solution to the issue of property taxes. While there have been many proposals on the table for a property tax freeze, these solutions are mostly a band-aid solution and are not the comprehensive solution we need.

I will continue to push for a comprehensive and permanent solution to lowering the cost of property taxes for Illinois residents.

Income taxes:

Democrats in Springfield banded together to pass a 32 percent income tax hike in July of 2017.

I voted against the income tax increase because I do not think taxpayers should have to pay the price for reckless spending in Springfield. Unfortunately, the tax increase approved in 2017 is just one round in an ongoing battle in Springfield. Advocates for tax increases are not going to be content with the July 2017 tax increase. Because no changes have been made in any area of State spending this tax increase will cover expense growth for only a couple of years.  There will certainly be many more tax fights in the near future.

I will continue to stand firm to protect taxpayers.