No State has ever taxed its way to prosperity but Illinois is sure trying.  Right now Illinois has one of the highest tax burdens in the country. We are living here so we know what is happening as a result.

Illinois is losing people.  That high Illinois tax burden is resulting in the second highest out migration rate of any state in the country. If you’re like me, you know families that have moved out to find financial security in another state. And when people leave, their tax dollars go with them to their new state. And the downward spiral continues. Democrats are now asking the remaining residents to pay more, so the state to stay even.

Illinois is losing jobs.  The high tax burden caused Illinois to lose more jobs than we added for each of the last several years. With lost jobs comes unemployment and our unemployment rate is the 3rd highest in the country.

Democrats’ broken promises

The high tax burden increased 67% in 2011 with a temporary state tax increase. Illinois didn’t do what it promised when it passed that increase. The promise was to pay down our past-due bills and our pension shortfalls. However, neither one of those things happened.  New revenue meant new spending for the Democrat majority in the Illinois General Assembly. Since 1990 Illinois has increased its spending at a rate three times faster than the total of population growth plus inflation.

Turning Illinois around

I believe that in order to break Illinois’ downward, tax/spend spiral we need to cut spending by:

  • prioritizing needs
  • spending only what we have
  • cutting fraud and waste.

We need to let the temporary tax increase sunset on schedule. By reducing personal and corporate tax rates we can stem the outflow of workers and jobs. The tax expiration will encourage business expansion and we can further improve the business climate with regulatory reform, including reform of Workers’ Compensation laws. Michigan did this in the last 4 years is. It went from a $2 billion deficit in 2011 to a budget surplus this year.  For the first time in years Michigan added residents.  It can be done. Tax reform is not a distant dream.

I will be a strong fiscal, conservative voice for District 37 when I get to Springfield. As a member of the Will County Board and the Will County Forest Preserve District I have been a strong tax opponent. And I did this without increasing government debt – when tax increases to support a budget increase did not pass the Will County Board I worked as a member of the Finance Committee to tailor the budget to fit the existing revenue. Will County today has a balanced budget and a strong credit rating due to this kind of fiscal discipline.

I will never stop fighting for rational tax policy, reduced spending and a leaner government when I get to Springfield.