One of the issues, I have been pushing for in Springfield is legislation to better monitor ground water in Will County. Residents in Will County have little assurance their ground water has not been contaminated by certain defunct quarries located in the County and now being filled with construction debris.

Residents are told by the industry that the water is safe, but that simply is not good enough.  Over 100 citations for improper disposal and/or record keeping were issued by the Illinois EPA to quarries throughout the State. We need better oversight and I will continue pushing legislation to get the oversight Will County residents deserve. Again in 2018 quarry interests were able to prevent better monitoring reforms from being enacted.  I am NOT giving up and will bring legislation again in 2019 to correct this threat to groundwater in Will County and throughout the state.  This is a bipartisan issue and I have led Representatives who include any part of Will County in their District in backing this reform legislation.  Check back to this website for more details as this battle in Springfield continues.